Contest Conditions


These Rules apply to the Jolly Module Contest (“Contest”) as described herein. The Contest is organized and managed by Meteca SA, Via alla Torre 2, Mendrisio, Switzerland (“Organizing Company”, “we” or “us”). 

The Contest opens on November 14, 2023 and will close on January 15, 2024. Any application received after the closing date will no longer be considered.


This Contest is only open to anyone over the age of 16,with an internet connection and a valid e-mail address (hereinafter the “Entrants”).

The Organizing Company may at any time request from any Entrant to demonstrate compliance with the Rules and eligibility requirements set forth herein. Any Entrant who does not comply with the Rules and requirements set forth herein or who refuses to demonstrate compliance with such will be excluded from the Contest.

By participating to the Contest, the Entrant agrees to be fully unconditionally bound by these Rules. 


To participate in the Contest, Entrants must submit a project based on, or incorporating, a Jolly module (“Project”), which is innovative and creative.

The Project must be submitted by the dedicated form on the Contest Page. The Entrant must further indicate his/her first name, last name, email address, country of residence, description of the project, technical details and instructions, upload of project pictures and video. 



The Organizing Company will evaluate all Projects submitted with a valid entry within the deadline specified above and determine the winner of the contest (the “Winning Entrant”), considering, at its absolute discretion, factors including creativity, innovation, utility or practical applicability, clear presentation, and documentation.

The Winning Entrant will be awarded of a 100 Euro gift voucher to use on our store (Jolly-dev.com), inc. shipping costs. The Winning Entrant’s Project will also be showcased on our platforms.

The Organizing Company shall contact the Winning Entrant using the telephone number and/or email address provided by the Winning Entrant in their entry within 2 weeks from the closure of the Contest. 

If a Winning Entrant does not or cannot, for any reason whatsoever, take possession of the prize or benefit from all or part of the awarded prize, such prize shall be considered as having been permanently refused by the Winning Entrant. All prizes must be claimed within twenty-one (21) days of our notification of winning unless otherwise stated. We reserve the right to award prizes unclaimed after this period to alternative prize winners or not to award them at all and we shall have no liability in respect of the entry initially awarded with the prize.

Entrants who have not won will not receive any message and are not entitled to receive any prize or other consideration for their participation in the Contest. 



The Winning Entrant explicitly consents to the publication of his/her name with the materials of the winning Project on the website and social media of the Organizing Company of its affiliated companies.


By participating in the Contest, the Entrant represents and warrants that:

– the Project submitted is original and made by the Entrant (or his/her team) and does not violate in any way, in whole or in part, any intellectual property rights of third parties;

– the Project is owned by the Entrant or the Entrant is authorized to submit the Project in his/her name;

– the Project does not contain any illegal, violent, hate inciting, discriminatory or derogatory content about any ethnicity, race, gender, religion, professional or age group; the Project does not have any content that is obscene, offensive, vulgar, sexually explicit or relates to illegal substances or firearms/weapons;

– the Project does not communicate messages or images that are inconsistent with the positive and/or goodwill images that the initiative wishes to promote.

In the case of breach of any of the above representation or warranty:
– the Organizing Company may in its sole discretion, exclude the Entrant and the Project from the Contest and delete any communication and remove any material and/or content received in this respect from the Entrant without further notice to the Entrant;

– the Entrant shall fully indemnify and hold harmless the Organizing Company and any of its officer, directors, employees and agents, against any loss, fine, damage, claim or suit from third parties arising out of such breach or the participation of the Entrant in the Contest.


Any intellectual property in the Project remains with the Entrant, who assumes the burden and full responsibility to, in his/her sole discretion, protect it and the inventive and/or original aspects of the Project through the means available under the applicable laws.

The Entrant grants the Organizing Company the right, free of charge and on a non-exclusive basis, to publish the Project on its websites and its social media pages, with the name of the Entrant. This applies to all Entrants and not only to the Winning Entrant.

JollyDev® and all Meteca trademarks are owned by the Organizing Company and Entrants are not allowed to use such trademarks without explicit authorization of the Organizing Company.


The Organizing Company reserves the right to amend, at any time these Rules and take any decisions it deems fit relating to the enforcement and interpretation of these Rules. The Organizing Company further reserves the right, without prior notice or obligation, to modify, prolong, shorten, suspend, postpone, or cancel the Contest, or to modify access and/or operating procedures. The Organizing Company will notify Entrants by posting this on the Organizing Company’s website or by any other means it deems fit. 

The liability of the Organizing Company may not be engaged in respect of the foregoing and the Entrants may therefore not claim any compensation or indemnity of any nature whatsoever.


The personal data collected from each Entrant, both during the participation in the Game, and, where appropriate, when a prize is awarded, shall be dealt with in accordance with the applicable laws and the Privacy Policy of the Organizing Company that can be read at this link. The following will apply in addition to the Privacy Policy:

– Data processed: The Organizing Company will collect and process Entrants’ personal data, in particular: first name, last name, email address, country of residence, description of the project, technical details and instructions, upload of project pictures and video. 

– Purpose of the processing of Entrants’ personal data:
a) memorize their participation in the Contest and allow the allocation of prizes
b) where required, and with the Entrants’ express preliminary consent, better inform the Entrants of the new products and services, from the Organizing Company and/or its subsidiaries, which could interest the Entrants, including marketing campaigns, sweepstakes, contests, customer loyalty management, customer profile setup, sales, offers, co-marketing campaigns, event invitations, market research, etc.

– Recipient of the personal data: the Organizing Company is entitled to disclose Entrants’ personal data to external subcontractors who act on behalf of and on the instructions of the Organizing Company (in particular service providers, and technical partners for the purpose of delivering the prizes) or to share Entrants’ personal data with its affiliated companies (for the purpose of delivering the prizes and/or, subject to the Entrants’ express prior consent, in order to better serve and inform Entrants of new products and services from the its group).


These Rules and the Contest are governed by Swiss law. No correspondence will be entered into about the Contest. Legal recourse is excluded.